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As we begin building towards DIS2019, read the DIS2018 special report

Each year the sessions at the DIS (Digital Innovators’ Summit) address many of the key issues that are focusing the minds of execs in the publishing industry.

Invariably though overarching themes emerge, and it was no different in 2018. At Berlin in March there were many heated discussions about the future of advertising, the phenomenon of fake news and the impact the first generation of millennials to reach management positions will have on the media.

However, two key themes that came up time and time again were ‘how can publishers get readers to pay for the content they have created?’ and the what the impact of exciting, but potentially hugely disruptive new technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain, will be.

The DIS 2018 report offers a great way to learn more about these issues. It quotes many of the speakers at the event putting their views and opinions in perspective.

And join us again at DIS 2019 to hear direct from key industry influencers on how the future of the media will develop – learn more and registered at a discounted rate (with savings of €800 on final rates) at

For a quick introduction to where the media currently resides start with the DIS 2018 report, available here as a FREE download.


DIS 2018 Report ()


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Download the DIS 2018 speaker presentations

  • How DriveTribe has found gold dust in engagement

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  • Has the time come for content micropayments?

    In the ongoing search for new sources of revenue, magazine publishers have always been enthusiastic about the prospect of charging readers small sums of money to read individual articles. Yet until fairly recently, monetising content in this way has been thwarted by the lack of a simple-to-implement, user-friendly solution and a fear that consumers simply won’t pay.

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