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The Netherlands to initiate a new cross-media audience measurement

On July 2, the organisations involved in media research in the Netherlands jointly issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) for the design and execution of a new media audience measurement. This survey will bring together "viewing", "reading" and "listening" of/to media and advertising via all the available channels, both online and offline. Research agencies are asked to submit their proposals. The initiators aim to make a decision this autumn.

The RfP is the result of the close collaboration between Stichting Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia (NOM), Stichting Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (NLO), Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) and the Verenigde Internet Exploitanten (VINEX). Through these organizations all major Dutch media-owners and broadcasters, as well as the advertisers association (BVA) and the media agencies (PMA) are involved.

New standard

The RfP should lead to a new, shared standard for measuring and reporting media and advertising reach. The new research must meet a number of basic principles:

1)  There is a need for more and continuous insight into the cross-media reach and use of media by different target groups; this calls for creating overlap in measurement where possible.

2)  The research must be future-proof by including new forms of media planning, buying and trading, such as: addressable advertising, programmatic, mobile, SVOD media.

3)  The collected data on viewing, reading and listening must meet the relevant quality standards. Furthermore, the design and data collection must be fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

4)  The joint measurement should lead to efficiency gains.

New organisation

The initiators of the tender, SKO, NLO, NOM and VINEX, intend to set up a new organisation that will be responsible for the new media audience measurement. The possible transition to a new organisation and a organisational structure will be subject of discussion over the next few months.

Participation RfP

The RfP is a document in English, which can be obtained from the initiators by sending a request to info@tmam.nl1. Agencies have until 16 July to inform us about their intention to take part in the tender.

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