Is LinkedIn killing the trade press?

There has been a quiet revolution over the past 8 months since LinkedIn fully launched it’s ‘Publishing’ service – now everyone has the opportunity to be their own author, curator and commentator without the need to have a publication validate their work. Just over 1m individuals have now published on the platform and 45 per cent of its readers are in the upper ranks of their industries (i.e. managers, directors and CEOs). Impressive stats right?

I’ve been writing for various trade publications for many years now and was only enticed into publishing on LinkedIn after Andy Goldman (Global Agency Lead for LinkedIn) persuaded me to simply publish the same articles on LinkedIn. Frankly, it was nothing short of a revelation. The numbers associated with the pieces were much higher than I had initially imagined with most items racking up at least 1000 verified views. The aforementioned Mr Goldman attributes this kind of resonance to the concept of ’emotional disruption’:

LinkedIn is both a knowledge network and a personal one. As professionals define their writing voice on the platform, authentic and relevant stories are highly aspirational. When a chord is hit by an author you can identify with professionally and personally, it can be downright emotionally disruptive, cutting through the white noise of media we are all so good at filtering out.

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Source: Mumbrella Asia

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