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Planning content correctly will have a profound effect on how great your magazine can be. It is difficult to expect huge success and positive response from readers without proper planning and structure. Magazines tend to focus on specific field, for example fashion, travel, cars, etc., and unlike newspaper, magazines have to be more creative, in-depth, and critical, which reflects editors’ opinion and thoughts. 

Due to the previous lack of institutions for magazine journalism in Korea, those who want to have a career in the magazine industry did not have a chance to learn journalism, which strictly focuses on magazines. Therefore Kaya Media Corporation decided to establish Kaya School of Magazine to provide a place to train people through every step of the magazine creation process. 

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The lecture on content planning starts with seven fundamental principles that people who wish to have portfolios in the magazine industry have to keep in mind. The principles tell you how the overall content should be planned and what kind of attributes you should have in mind to have comprehensive content. They are:

1. Touching

2. Seductive

3. Provocative

4. Secretive

5. Pragmatic

6. Gratifying

7. Social

After taking the class on content planning, the students will have a clear idea and guide to follow when planning the content for their magazine. What they learn in the class is put into practice later in the course.

Kaya School ()

Kaya School of Magazine was established to contribute to the advancement in the magazine industry and to educate people who have a passion towards magazines. Anyone with an interest in magazine journalism and magazine industry can apply for the course.

For more details about the course go to Kaya Media’s or FIPP’s website.

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