Keys to publishing on Facebook discussed at Digital Innovators’ Summit

Andy Mitchell, director, partnerships, Facebook, USA, gave advice to attendees at the Digital Innovators’ Summit today on how to get the most out of Facebook for their companies and brands.

Mitchell said that Facebook is starting to see that Facebook is more and more becoming a news source, where lots of people are starting to look for news on there (business and personal). Facebook drives 62 per cent of social referrals, according to Mitchell,

“For the last two years, we’ve been working on our news feed, trying to surface stories that we think are going to be most important to you,” he said. “And mobile transition has been quick. Two years ago we made the decision to be more mobile-based company, and it’s worked well. Now is a good time to optimise your content and optimise shares to Facebook,” he advised.

The keys to publishing on Facebook:

  • Create engaging content people will share, and test it
  • Don’t set limits on your publishing – post it if you got it
  • Cultivate an active community for your page
  • Make it easy to share content from your site
  • Optimise open graph tags so content looks great when shared

Mitchell told attendees about a new widget launched by Facebook to help navigate the news feed for page admins, which displays what your hottest content is, and allows you to see what your most popular content is.

“Publishers should be interested in how to get most for newsfeed,” said Mitchell.” He urged attendees to verify their company’s pages immediately, because this increases the distribution in newsfeed.

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