Learn how to harness ‘positive deviance’ in your organisation

It is very likely that the same holds true in your organisation.

Richard Pascale, associate fellow at Oxford’s Saïd Business School and author of Managing on the Edge and Surfing the Edge of Chaos, is an expert at looking at solutions from a different angle. He believes that in many cases, the solution to the toughest problems can be found “right under your nose.”

Pascale is one of a number of leading experts who will share their ideas at FIPP’s annual Executive Programme for Innovation and Change (EPIC), run in conjunction with Saïd Business School.

EPIC is aimed at senior executive business leaders in the magazine media world, tasked with leading and transforming their businesses in times of unprecedented change.

In his session on Adaptive Challenges, Pascale will talk about how in many of his studies, it wasn’t the “experts” called in to figure out the problem who found the answers, but instead someone in operational capacity “on the ground” who was dealing with the issue every day. This is what is known as “positive deviance”. 

For this to work companies need to let go of traditional ideas about authority and power and instead to allow people to discover the answers for themselves. EPIC attendees will explore with Pascale what they can do to tackle their individual “adaptive challenges” – problems that are difficult to pin down and for which there are no easy solutions. 

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This year’s programme takes place from 6-10 July in Oxford, the United Kingdom.

You will not only consider, discuss and learn about Adaptive Challenges and positive deviance, but also a variety of other topics of crucial importance to top business leaders today – from operating in a world with constantly changing dynamics, to fostering organisational innovation and more.

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