Magazine media brands have impact through the whole purchase funnel

Connected Consumers 2 (CC2) follows on the “overwhelmingly” successful introduction of the first study in the UK in 2014, which – amongst other things – how multi-platform magazine media brands create multiplier effects for advertisers in those brands. 

Speaking at the FIPP Insight Forum at Sanoma in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Amanda Wigginton, director of insight at Time Inc. UK, said CC2 builds on this study, to deepen insight into the effectiveness of magazine media in delivering a return on investment for advertisers.

One such area was to identify the impact of magazine media across four stages in the purchase funnel. The four stages were described as “spark, search, shop and share.”

  • Spark is all about inspiration and ideas. Here connected brands in the beauty, retail and homes categories work exceptionally well, with 92 per cent of respondents in the CC2 study indicating that multi-platform magazine media brands in beauty, retail and homes impact them here.
  • Search is all about exploring and looking for information. Here, four in five respondents indicated that connected magazine media brands impact them here. The key categories are beauty, retail, homes, food and drink, and tech.
  • Shop includes people who have “purchased” or “tried” something. Here, four in five respondents in beauty, retail, homes and food and drink indicated that magazine media impacted their behaviour.
  • Share refers to people who have recommended something, posted about it online and/or talked about it with others. Here, 3 in 4 respondents in beauty, retail, homes, food and drink and tech indicated that magazines influenced their behaviour.

What is more, each platform – for example print and mobile – have particular strengths in each of the above, meaning multi-platform magazine media brands can offer advertisers solutions designed to maximise the power of the full platform mix.

Story by Cobus Heyl.

Download the full speaker presentation from the FIPP Insight Forum (pdf)

About the FIPP Insight Forum

The FIPP Insight Forum (formerly known as the Research Forum) is a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business. It’s taking place today and tomorrow at the offices of Sanoma in Amsterdam.

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