Magazines are the most engaging medium

AIM has created the Engagement Index for each media to compare different media for its engagement, reports Exchange4Media.

Engagement measures across media (partial engagement indices) were Mind Measures, Escapism, Information, Stimulation, and Attitude Towards Advertising.

The components of Mind Measures or the statements that constitute Mind Measures are:

  • This medium matches my personal interest/ personality
  • This medium shows how I can approach problem
  • This medium is trustworthy & reliable
  • This medium helps me stand out and create an impression
  • This medium is like an undemanding companion

Magazines scored the highest in this measure with a score of 178, followed by newspapers, TV, radio and internet.

AIM Engagement Study (AIM)

Statements which constituted next measure of Escapism are:

  • This medium is relaxing and a good escape
  • I can consume this medium anywhere & anytime

Magazines are the go-to medium here as well,according to the study.

AIM Engagement Study 2 ()

The study was carried out by IMRB International using a sample size of 3,600 people across 10 cities in India. 

Speaking to Exchange4Media, Mitrajit Bhattacharya, publisher and president of the Chitralekha Group, said, “All studies including AIM’s had always shown magazines to be most engaging among all media. Now with the newly created Engagement Index we can tell to what extent. It’s a huge step forward from our earlier survey.

“Firstly, magazines are not on a decline. Magazines revenues as per PMMAO [the Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2015 event] released recently had grown by over 6 per cent which is quite good. However I agree that this will help a lot in building the necessary perception for the magazines. We feel in a cluttered media scenario of today, a medium that offers high engagement is a sure winner. Magazines score high on each individual partial engagement index like mind measures, information, escapism, stimulation and attitude towards advertising.”

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