Marketers on how to crack the ‘mobile-first’ approach in India

Arnab Mitra, MD, LIQVD ASIA, Ashutosh Gupta, director, marketing solutions, India, LinkedIn, Nilay Arora, VP marketing and business head, India, WeChat, Sagnik Ghosh, head marketing, Axis Bank were part of the panel, which was  being moderated by Dhanashree Sant, head-digital, JWT India.

The panellists touched on important issues and discussed how their companies are innovating on mobile to reach out to the right customers and engage with them.

Arnab Mitra spoke about the difference in the way mature markets and the others look at mobiles. According to him, mature markets are concentrating on giving more power in the hands of the consumers and they don’t look at it as a ‘cost’, unlike other markets.

Speaking about the need to comprehend where the audience is, Nilay Arora felt that the biggest challenge in our country is that we are diverse and scattered across, so it is hard to distribute a piece of innovation. We need to understand where the audience is spending their time and thus countries like India, China and mass markets are evolving and a lot more advertisers need to look at it.

Adding to it, Ashutosh Gupta said, “More than anything else, as advertisers and publishers, there is a need to focus on the decision journey of the customers and stay in it. Also there is a lot of discussion on who these customers are and that mobile content is usually being consumed by the younger generation. But I would like to say that there is an equal usage of mobile across different age segments.”

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