Marketing digital editions: lessons from IPC, Future and Immediate

When the iPad first presented publishers with a platform well-suited to consuming digital magazines, reports The Media Briefing, many made the mistake of assuming selling digital editions would be just like selling print magazines, but without the paper.

Instead, publishers have found themselves reliant on digital platforms such as Apple’s iOS to get their editions to customers amid a cacophony of competing content.

Immediate enterprise, CRM and subscriptions director Jess Burney sums up the core difference thus: “You don’t have end to end control of the distribution network.

“In a print subscription world, my team would implement a campaign, we would arrange the fulfillment of the magazine, and we would communicate to both renew that magazine and cross sell other products. In the digital world, you are working with platforms such as Google Play, Apple and Amazon. It’s a different ecosystem.”

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