Maximise revenue opportunities by integrating sales

How can you construct and run a successful sales force to maximise revenue opportunities in a world full of expanding multi-platform brands? The key here is to create integrated sales programs in order to train the sales team in understanding how to properly market and position their products, according to a speaker session at FIPP’s World Congress today in Rome. Currently, they fall short when they focus on their own products instead of the advertiser’s product that they are selling.

Jack Grant, publisher, TravelAge West and associate publisher Travel Weekly, NorthStar Travel Media, USA, recommends to train your sales team to adopt a more holistic approach to problem solving.

“Challenge the sales people to be a part of the process, not just hand it off to marketing or digital teams to execute,” he said.

While digital is important, print must not be forgotten, especially when creating a well-rounded sales strategy. Print integration is essential for sales growth. Integrated programs leverage, revive, and rediscover the true strength of the magazine medium. Additionally, print strategies now need to focus on accountability, connectivity, and engagement. Click-through rates and reach are important, but the key element for sales representatives is to be fluent and engaging.  

Integrated sales and marketing have been around for a long time but were focused on different methods of gaining exposure to the brands. It has evolved from strategies such as radio shows only available to print subscribers, into multi-platform events that allow the consumer to physically test products and get involved in interactive showcases at events. They are able to gain exposure through print, digital, events, email and webinars.

“The most successful integrated sales teams is well versed across all the sales platforms,” said Grant. “The last thing a buyer wants to hear is a conversation about a page or a banner, they want strategy.”

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