Mobile beats desktop for ad viewability

The study looked at measurable impressions served worldwide by Sizmek in 2014 and found that ad placements sized for mobile were more viewable than desktop-specific creative for almost all display ad formats. HTML5 standard banner viewability was especially strong on mobile, at 79.3 per cent on average, vs. 48.4 per cent for desktop.

Rates hovered around 70 per cent for HTML5 rich media and Flash standard banners on mobile, compared with about 50 per cent on desktop. Flash rich media ads were the only exception, with desktop leading in average viewability rate by about 30 percentage points.

Mobile-specific display ads were more viewable than desktop ads worldwide whether purchased directly through publishers or programmatically. Viewability rates for mobile publisher direct ads were 74.1 per cent, vs. 54.4 per cent on desktop. Programmatic placements on mobile saw average viewability of 81.4 per cent, while desktop came in at just 39.7 per cent.


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