Mythbustin’ programmatic video ad buying

Because the programmatic video industry has become so huge it is important to know your facts.

Check out these four myths about programmatic video that media agencies and brands put together at the BrightRoll video summit:

Programmatic will save you time

Media buyers might benefit from programmatic tech, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into less work or that marketers and publishers have to stop talking to each other. Global media and marketing director for Electronic Arts, Christine de Martini, explained that the benefits of programmatic are that it has assisted media buyers in streamlining the media buying process. In streamlining the process, programmatic video has increased the time they spend on data analysis. Result? Very little time actually saved!

Programmatic will make publisher sales forces unnecessary

Programmatic hasn’t necessarily cut out the relationship between marketers and publishers even though a lot of digital video inventory is sold directly to marketers. De Martini says programmatic video has actually strengthened the relationship between marketers and publishers and that programmatic “opens doors with publishers”. Locally, though, the hesitancy from publishers to open their inventory to be traded programmatically is huge. They are scared for some reason. Give them a tissue?

Source: The Media Online

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