New IPC Media CEO gives thoughts on online marketing trends at Digital Innovators’ Summit

Marcus Rich, IPC Media’s new CEO addressed attendees today at FIPP’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin about online marketing trends and the company’s ability to help brands via a deep understanding of their audience.  

Just four weeks into the job, Rich spoke of IPC’s “large and successful understanding of how to articulate with our audience.” “Our uniqueness lies in the connection we have to a group of consumers, which gives us an opportunity to participate in new and exciting revenue streams,” he added.

Rich said that IPC’s clients have a fantastic opportunity to “get into content” with them, and make their campaigns work. “Every brand journey is different, and the skill is working out where print sits in the mix,” he said. “We have a uniqueness with our audience, a minutiae of consumer insight and ultimately, we know them better.”

When asked for his thoughts on programmatic advertising, Rich said: “When you start to see real quality in your data, it brings an excellent return to marketers, when used as part of a fully mixed media schedule. Programmatic is an opportunity if the creative is right – no programmatic marketing campaign is going to work if it’s got lousy creative or doesn’t have a deep understanding audience.”

And Rich’s advice to publishers: “Content is at our heart, and great content will win out in the end, as clients are moving into the content space.”

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