Newsweek drops paywall

“The vast majority of Newsweek stories, including all Web stories and the weekly magazine cover story, can now be accessed without encountering a paywall,” said the company in a statement. “The site’s metered paywall is still in place, but for nonsubscribers, only magazine stories are counted against the limit, which remains at five stories a month. This change will radically reduce the number of readers encountering the paywall.”

Newsweek January 2016 ()

“The general strategy is to open up and allow folks the ability to experience and really enjoy the journalism that’s happening on Newsweek,” IBT Media chief marketing officer Mitchell Caplan said.

Newsweek subscribers will have exclusive access to the magazine’s current issue—excluding its weekly cover story, which will be available to all readers upon publication. Nonsubscribers will have instant access to all stories on the site, aside from non-cover magazine stories, which will become available to all readers after one week.

Source: Newsweek

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