Nikkei boss says the Financial Times is in prime position to become a global digital giant

The head of Japanese media conglomerate Nikkei has claimed the Financial Times is primed for a global digital expansion.

Nikkei chairman Tsuneo Kita, speaking in London following the group’s £1.3bn purchase of the FT, said that while the publication would remain independent, its aim is to expand its digital footprint. 

He said: “Our management objectives at Nikkei are global and digital, those are the two key words, and so for the future, in order to grow as global media and to further promote our digital media business, the best partner is definitely the FT.

John Ridding, chief executive of the Financial Times, added: “A lot of news media, particularly traditional news media, has been playing defence.

“But we believe there’s a strong opportunity for growth, that we are at the intersection of two of the big global trends of our time which are digital, and particularly mobile, and the globalisation of business.“

He praised the strength of the brand, adding that it is capable of substantial growth in the US and Asia.

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Source: The Drum

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