Peter Kreisky on transforming media organisations

Kreisky on new models for revenue and native advertising:

“I think we’re seeing a consensus emerging that in the digital world, new rules apply, and strict separation of Church and State is obsolete.”

On organisational structure and the demands to be continually updating:

“Today you can’t wait. You can’t wait for decisions to travel up and down the organisation. So the real imperative is to empower people at the bottom of the organisation to make good decisions. And in order to do that what I am seeing is an enormous flattening of organisations. Command and control structure is a figment of the 1980s now. And what I am seeing is organisations with three, possibly four levels, as opposed to eight or nine levels. So there’s the boss, the underbosses and the rest of the organisation. And the rest of the organisation is split into teams and they work together and they are able to do this because of technology.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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