Programmatic needs to deliver on its relevance promise

Relevance is everything in advertising. If I’m interested in golf but not in tennis, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that I’m more likely to click on an advertisement for a golf holiday than I am for a tennis holiday.

In essence, this is where the real appeal of programmatic advertising lies. In the programmatic world – or at least the real-time bidding, auction part of it – it matters not where the ad appears, only that it’s the place your target consumer happens to be at the precise moment it’s served, whether that’s the Daily Telegraph Web site or an ad-funded game on his smartphone. 

(The other strain of programmatic, private marketplaces, which is growing in popularity, is more akin to traditional advertising in that the advertiser can choose where its ad will appear, even though the inventory is traded programmatically.)

In theory, then, given publisher concerns about the growing number of consumers opting to deploy ad-blocking software, programmatic looks like the answer to their prayers because of its promise of serving up ads that are more relevant to the people who see them.

And if they’re more relevant, of course, there’s more chance those people will click on them, so everyone’s happy – advertiser, publisher, and most importantly, of course, the consumer.

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Source: INMA

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