Publishers have the upper hand on content marketing services

Shanfelt makes it clear that content marketing services are an attainable and lucrative revenue stream that all publishers can add to their businesses — if done right.

Here’s the six advantages publishers have in offering content marketing services, according to Shanfelt:

Publishers have the audience. “We have cultivated these audiences, and we’ve been working with them for a long time,” said Shanfelt.

Publishers have content. “We have content expertise, we can leverage existing content, and we have the network of all of our writers.”

Publishers have production capabilities. “We have the production capabilities to put branded content together as a print piece or digital piece or in a newsletter.”

Publishers have technology. “We have the email platforms, the webinar platforms, the CMS. We have all the technology to implement content marketing services.”

Publishers have research capabilities. “Because we have this amazing audience, we can go out and collect great market research which is a unique advantage and an ideal asset for content services.”

Publishers have the experience. “We know how to attract an audience for brands. Publishing is content marketing. We know how to engage audiences and build circulation in digital or print. We know how to retain that audience. We know how to convert that audience into revenue.”

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Source: Publishing Executive

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