Quartz opens up Atlas platform

Quartz is opening up its Atlas platform to chart creators around the world. Anyone can now create an Atlas account, and Quartz will give access to make charts—slowly, it says, at first, and then more rapidly as the platform evolves.

Atlas is Quartz’s charting tool, which it says makes it easy to visualise data in a simple, consistent, and mobile-friendly style. Every chart published on Atlas has its own page. Users can share, embed, grab an image, or download the underlying data from the available charts.

Atlas ()

Quartz says it’s opening up Atlas because it thinks it has potential to become a global repository of user-generated charts and data. the platform launched last summer and has so far served 80 million charts to 25 million people.

At the moment, Atlas is invite-only in order for Quartz to learn from the earliest users before making improvements and adding more people.

More about Atlas.

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