Quartz releases results of 2014 Global Executives Study

Quartz has released the results of its Global Executives Study, a survey of 940 business executives—its core users—to better understand how they consume news and engage with advertising.
The 65 question survey, was completed by 940 senior business executives. More than 50 per cent of responses were submitted on a mobile device, with respondents coming from more than 60 countries and 36 industries.
  • 61 per cent of executives primarily use mobile devices for news consumption; only five per cent rely on TV or print media as a primary source of news
  • Email is both the executive’s news homepage and social platform of choice: 60 per cent of executives source their news primarily from email newsletters, and 80 per cent share news content via email
  • 86 per cent of executives are interested in content from brands–as long as it is relevant, high-quality, and transparently labeled
  • Sponsored content is more than twice as memorable as banner ads, and more than four times as memorable as full-screen takeover ads
“It’s interesting and instructive to note that sophisticated executives are interested in content from companies or marketers and that they’re inclined to share the content if it is of high quality,” says Jay Lauf, president and publisher of Quartz. “We didn’t game that at all, but it reinforces our conviction in smart, elegant content solutions for our advertisers.”

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