Reasons to be excited about the upcoming Innovation 2015 World Report

That says something: over the years the Innovation World Report has become our most popular publication (as rated in FIPP’s annual membership surveys), with ratings consistently in the “exceptional” slot.

The 2015 report will zero in on the top 10 categories of innovation seen in magazine media in the past year, categories which John describes “can have the biggest, most immediate impact on the future of magazine media.” 

Categories – each with various themes addressed within – range from advertising to content, mobile, social and video to data and more. And it will highlight proven examples of innovations that have:

1.       Increased revenue

2.       Leveraged the latest new digital tricks

3.       Perked up subscriptions and street sales

4.       Explored new social media capabilities

5.       Delivered digital advertising that works

6.       Maximized the stunning capabilities of mobile devices

7.       Converted data into new products, new consumers, and new strategies

“More than ever before, magazine media executives will be able to take the 2015 report and put it to work immediately. That is not to say the innovative solutions will be easy to execute. 

“Many will require a cultural shift within the company, as some of the innovations will only succeed if there are new workflows, job descriptions, organizational structures, and even physical architectural changes. But seeing the results others have achieved will be a profound motivation for change. 

“The Innovation 2015 World Report will be an operating guide that will challenge and inspire you to empower your company to meet the challenges ahead,” promises John.

Want a taste of what the Innovation in Magazine Media World Report is all about?

Download the 2014 editors note: Prescriptions instead of prognostications

Download the 2014 print-digital advertising innovations chapter: Better together 

Download the 2014 programmatic chapter: The Holy Grail of advertising?  

2015 World Report launch date:

The 2015 report will be launched at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin on 23 and 24 March 2015 (note: pre-agenda registrations for the event close on 30 November), where John and co-author Juan Senor, will take the audience through a whirlwind tour of innovations from around the world.

Marketing opportunities:

Why not associate your business and/or brand with innovation? In 2015, there will be cross-platform opportunities include the Innovation 2015 World Report and across brand extensions online, on email and a live event, forming part of the FIPP World Congress, taking place in Toronto, Canada in October next year. Get in now for priority booking opportunities. Contact Andre Glazier and/or Fabien Alexander for more. 

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