Red Bull redefines role of data in videos to enrich viewing experience

Data in media is a “breakthrough for a thrilling consumer experience”, according to the chief technology officer of Red Bull’s Media House Andi Gall. Armed with this belief, he hopes to pave the way for the next chapter in the company’s commitment to publishing branded content.

While rivals are focused on how data sits behind content, Red Bull wants it at the fore where readings like GPS and biometrics are used to add another, more exciting dimension to posts. From eagle flights visualising altitude to free falls depicting heart rates, the business is testing the method now in the hope of being able to overlay the data on all its videos next year.

“Imagine watching a video of a skier and truly getting an insight into what they were thinking during those moments,” explained Gall. He cited a test whereby skier and Red Bull athlete Axel Naglich was strapped with sensors and then filmed as he hurtled down a mountain. The resulting video used his mental and adrenaline readings to visualise his concentration through data, showing how it wavered as he fell over a rock before quickly steadying the moment he realised the slip had triggered an avalanche that needed to be outrun.

“This is extreme [sports], Gall told The Drum. “Without the visualisations it looks more one-dimensional. We want to produce frame-accurate-data to videos during live events and in post production. The idea is to show that this data is so emotional.”

Source: The Drum

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