US report shows growth across the board for magazine brands on social media

MPA’s report is based on data provided by SocialFlow, which shows that affiliation with magazine media brands continues to grow on the five social networks measured.

Key findings

  • Instagram showed the highest rate of growth in followers for magazine media brands at 18 per cent, with The Economist, Recoil and Bloomberg Businessweek showing the largest per cent growth over the period on that network.
  • In terms of absolute growth, magazine media brands added 10.3m new Twitter Followers during the first quarter, the most new followers of any social network, with ESPN The Magazine, National Geographic and The Economist topping the list with the biggest Twitter followings.
  • In terms of absolute size, Facebook continues to dominate across all of the networks with National Geographic, Playboy and ESPN The Magazine having the most Facebook page likes.
  • The report incorporates data from 35 companies, tallies certain measures of social media for the period ending 31 March 2015 and reports changes by network and magazine brand compared to the period ended December 31, 2014 for Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Followers, Google+ Followers, Instagram Followers and Pinterest Followers.

More about MPA’s Magazine Media 360° report.

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