Smartphone and tablet owners to spend even more time with their devices this year

As if consumers aren’t already tethered enough to their smart devices, new research from Prosper Mobile Insights suggests they’re planning to make their smartphones and tablets even more central to their lives this year. 34.7 per cent of smartphone and tablet owners surveyed said they would spend more time this year with their devices, compared to just 5.7 per cent who said they would tone it down a little. Additionally, roughly one in five respondents plan to integrate their lives more with their device this year than last, although 15.4 per cent expect to cut back in this aspect.

The research shows a mixed outlook for applications. That is, respondents were more likely to say they’ll buy less apps this year than buy more (26.3 per cent vs. 10.9 per cent). At the same time, 41.7 per cent said they would use more free apps, compared to just 3 per cent who would use less. This suggests that free apps will continue to dominate the market.

The data is more positive when it comes to mobile commerce. Respondents were almost twice as likely to say they’ll shop more on their device this year as to pull back on mobile shopping (23.6 per cent vs. 13 per cent). Still, attitudes to mobile payments are evolving: 23 per cent said they would use their device more this year to make payments, but 19 per cent said they would use them less. Details about UK consumer attitudes to mobile wallets, and industry expert predictions on mobile payments can be found here.

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