Snapchat finally enables publishers to ‘deep link’ to their Discover content

The media partners, which include Hearst, IGN, Vox, BuzzFeed, CNN and Vice, will share links on social media apps and the mobile Web that will take people directly to their Snapchat content. Publishers run their own channels on the messaging app, posting daily editions filled with video, animations, charts and articles.

Until now, Discover publishers couldn’t link to their Snapchat pages from anywhere outside the app. With the benefit of social media promotion, they are likely to see a boost in traffic. It is similar to how YouTube creators expand their audience by sharing video links to third-party platforms.

“The channels are working on new ways to get people into Snapchat beyond just having to open the Snapchat app,” said one publishing source, who helps run a Discover channel.

The link to social media also is key because it gives publishers another outlet for measuring user engagement with their Snapchat videos and articles. Users will be able to share the social posts with their friends. They also can like and comment on them, actions not available on Snapchat, where there is little insight into the viewer mindset.

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Source: Digiday

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