Snapchat publishers want ad sharing to return

Ad sharing is one of the points Snapchat is discussing in ongoing negotiations over how Discover operates with media partners like BuzzFeed, IGN, Cosmopolitan and ESPN, among others, the sources said. Sharing is expected to return more broadly once they work out last-minute details, these sources said.

Snapchat introduced general Discover sharing in May, allowing people to click on content from media partners and pass it along to friends within the app. At first, ads were sharable, too, but now when you click on most sponsored content, a warning shows up saying the channel does not allow it. There are very few exceptions to the non-sharing rule.

Sharing is a fundamental component to rival platforms marketing offerings — brands on Facebook and Twitter try to create content that people actually want to re-post.

“That’s a capability that we would like them to add,” said one Snapchat advertiser.

If ads start getting shared more often, then users would see the sponsored content appear in personal messages from their contacts.

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Source: Digiday

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