Socialbakers forecasts all ads will be social by the end of 2014

Socialbakers’ Jan Rezab provides top tips on how to optimise the use of social media strategy. 

While social media marketing is on the upswing, brands are swarming towards the “next big thing” in a bid to reach consumers, says Marketing magazine. 

The article presents Socialbakers Jan Rezab’s insight on how to optimise the use of social media strategy by following these steps: target to the right audience; analyse how your ads are performing; and use metrics to then iterate
Spending on social media in Asia Pacific rose 54 per cent in 2013 compared to the previous year. The region will be home to the largest social network population globally by 2017, says Rezab.
According to Marketing magazine, data from the social media analytics reveals that 90 per cent of brands have recognised the value of social media as a superior marketing platform, but only 33 per cent use tools for deep social performance analytics.

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