SocialFlow investigates how data-driven social posting works

The Benchmark study on Organic Publishing to Social Networks looks at how to cater to your audience when it is hungry for content. SocialFlow demonstrates the successes that companies have had and what it means to take a “data driven” approach to social publishing.  

The research spans 1.6 million posts that generated nearly 1.5 billion engagements (nearly 1,000 engagements per post). By eliminating the time and energy spent guessing about when to post, there is more time for marketers to create content, engage with audiences, and tie those results back to their companies’ business objectives.

How industries currently publish


This chart illustrates, by industry vertical, how companies in the data set publish their social messages. Technology and retail companies publish more than 90% of their posts using data-driven optimisation while media and entertainment companies use more scheduled and real-time posting.
Findings include:
– Organic social posting can still deliver substantial reach and engagement, but there is a steep drop from the best-performing posts to the “long-tail”
– Data-driven posts deliver 91% greater reach and 25% greater engagement than scheduled posts
– Real-time posts provide substantial benefit to media and entertainment companies but do not benefit marketers in technology, retail, fashion, healthcare, and non-profit verticals

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