Sophisticated app tracking system presented by Applix at FIPP Ibero-American Conference

Fabio Fasittia from Applix, Italy, showcased the company’s sophisticated app tracking system today (31 October 2012) at the 4th FIPP Ibero-American Magazine Media Conference.

What appears to make the Applix platform different from others, is the fact that it offers the ability to track a user’s movements within an app. Fasittia listed analytics such as visits, bounce rate, visits per day, time per page, downloads, purchases, subscriptions, flips by issue, most read pages, most read content, device by platform/operating system and location – all of which are able to be tracked using the Applix system.

The information gathered from each app is used to create a series of reports for a publisher’s marketing, editorial and advertising departments.

Applix is currently working with companies including Mondadori and RCS, and has offices in Shanghai, New York and Milan

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