Take part in Specialist Media Insights 2013 and receive benchmark report

Find out how your publishing peers are tackling online subs, mobile apps, events, ecommerce and social media by taking part in Specialist Media Insights 2013.

This year’s online survey is live now. Here’s how you can take part and get a free summary of the 2013 research report. Complete the online survey now: http://www.demographix.com/surveys/ZYWZ-LWY9/DY3PRMXL/?FIPP

Publishing in the digital age can feel like exploring uncharted territory – the familiar rules around print circulation and advertising just don’t seem to apply in this mobile, constantly updated, borderless world.

So publishers rely on the experiences of their peers when making decisions about where to prioritise, what rates to charge and how to market online subs, mobile apps, webinars and more.

The annual Specialist Media Insights research project allows specialist publishers to benchmark their business against hundreds of their peers – a valuable guide to the rate of digital media adoption in niche publishing.
Here’s some surprising insights from the 2012 research and news of how you can help make the 2013 research an even more valuable resource for specialist consumer and b2b publishers.

To be part of this research project all you need to do is complete this online survey.  It is totally anonymous and confidential.  Everyone who takes part will receive a summary of the results in March 2013. Specialist Media Insights is sponsored by Brad Insight and InPublishing and run by the Specialist Media Show.

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