The British Vogue guide to making people pay attention to ads

The 2015 British Vogue Business Report looks at evolving reader relationship with magazines in print and online, polling 2,787 upper-middle-class women aged 20-54.

Overall this target market’s engagement with magazine brands has gone up, as has engagement via social channels and on mobile. No real surprises there. However one of its more unlikely findings was that “attention to advertising across all platforms has never been higher, with significant increases for websites and digital editions.”

Vogue ads ‘as important as the content’
Overall, three-quarters of under-35s trust advertising and other paid-for communications; this has risen 6 per cent since 2013. A further 82 per cent of respondents pay attention to advertising on websites (this jumps to 94 per cent of magazine readers) and has increased by 15 per cent in two years.

With premium ads, seen in the likes of Vogue, readers are still interested, even going as far as to value them as much as they would the content. According to Vogue’s associate publisher Sallie Berkerey, the ads were described as “genuine,” “trusted” and “appealing.”

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Source: Digiday

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