The Economist launches Apple Watch audio edition

From 24 April subscribers of the current affairs magazine with Apple’s timepiece strapped to their wrist will receive a weekly digital audio edition; allowing them to play, pause, skip and rewind content whilst on the move.

In addition subscribers will also receive a headline summary on the watch interface together with related information such as the next playable track and the number of items remaining to be heard.

Tom Standage, deputy editor and head of digital strategy for The Economist, said:  “You can’t read detailed, analytical articles on a watch, but you can listen to them. Subscribers who already like to listen to The Economist while commuting or working out can use our Apple Watch app as a handy remote control. We hope this will appeal to new listeners, too. We are excited to embrace this new platform.”

Push notifications will also be issued by the title, alerting people to the publication of new content.

Source: The Drum

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