Time Inc. UK shakes up its ad operations

As a first step, it brought on Krux as its data-management platform (DMP), to be a central repository for data Time Inc. UK scoops up from its sites, subscriber base, events and ecommerce transactions. Its DMP has been fully operational for the last three months. Now, it’s using that data capability with an existing product called Amplify, which it first launched with RadiumOne in 2013. This way, it’s able to segment users and retarget them on sites well beyond Time Inc. UK properties.

This data segmentation is helping Time get most out of its sponsorship deals, which it estimates accounts for 25 to 30 percent of its ad revenue. For example, say you’ve just read an advertorial by L’Oréal in the beauty section of its fashion title Marie Claire. Now, it’s able to profile that user and retarget them on behalf of the sponsor of that advertorial with a co-branded message. The DMP also enables it to cross-check users with a brand’s existing customers, meaning it only retargets users that are fresh prospects.

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