UK programmatic display ad spending will surpass £2bn in 2016

According to new figures from eMarketer, UK programmatic digital display ad spending will grow 66.2 per cent to reach £1.80bn (US$2.96bn) this year, accounting for more than half (59.0 per cent) of the UK display advertising market for the first time. Additional double-digit growth will push spending toward £2.5bn ($4.12bn) in 2016, eMarketer expects.

UK Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending, 2013-2016 (billions of £, % change and % of total digital display ad spending*)

This forecast will be featured in an upcoming eMarketer report, “UK programmatic advertising forecast: Automated trading dominates digital display ad spending.” This report includes eMarketer’s first forecasts for UK programmatic digital display ad spending, as well as an analysis of how automated trading has evolved in the UK and how it is on track to dominate digital display ad spending.

“Trading digital display ads programmatically is becoming increasingly common in the UK as both marketers and publishers embrace the benefits of automated ad buying. In fact, the balance of UK digital display ad spend will tip toward programmatic this year, and that strong growth is set to continue into 2016. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but initial trepidation is being replaced with a realisation that programmatic can deliver the inventory, partners and prices that marketers want,” said Bill Fisher, analyst at eMarketer.

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