US magazine audiences up 12.6 per cent in February

This increase represents the largest total monthly audience growth since MPA began issuing the Brand Audience Report seven months ago.

The which uses data from third-party providers and reveals a gross audience for magazine brands of 1.7bn in February 2015 versus 1.5bn in February 2014. The February performance continues to benefit from increased video and mobile web consumption, up 18.7 per cent and 78.0 per cent, respectively, over the same time period in 2014.

This month, web (desktop/laptop) was up 6.9 per cent, with nearly half of all websites in the report showing double-digit to triple-digit growth in unique visitors versus the same period last year. This growth is notable after six consecutive months of flat year-over-year web audience numbers, a trend which reflected, in large part, the migration of online media consumers to mobile devices.

The complete report, which currently covers approximately 145 magazine media brands from over 30 companies representing 95 per cent of the reader universe, can be found at

Reflecting on the results, Mary Berner, president and CEO of MPA said: “As we move further into our first full year of data, the continuing increases provide compelling evidence of the strength of consumer demand for magazine media. Moreover, the demonstration of sustainable month-over-month audience growth is a clear indicator of the current value and future promise for the industry. And while it is premature to make a judgement as to whether digital audiences on desktop/laptop and mobile platforms will continue to climb at current rates, it is worth noting that audience increases were experienced by many different publishing companies and titles of varying audience sizes.” She added, “It is exactly because of its ability to reveal the cross-platform performance of the industry that The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report has been effectively changing the conversation around magazine media and its vitality since its launch in September – especially in the advertising community.”

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