Use of data debated at Digital Innovators’ Summit

The businesses that are making the best use of data are those that are using it to understand their audience and deliver what they want. That was the message delivered by Thomas Balduff, country manager, DACH, Janrain, in a session entitled ‘Data: it’s not how big, it’s how you use it’ at today’s Digital Innovators’ Summit.

Delegates heard how brands like Whole Foods and Fox News use data to make the user experience more personal and to deliver relevant content.

Universal Music Group uses social log-in from its individual websites to create user profiles and, as a result of delivering relevant content they have seen a rise in click-through rates of 67 per cent.

In a separate session discussing the value of first-party data and third-party data, Oscar Carlssom, VP Products, CINT told delegates how data has helped improve the reader experience across Bonnier Group’s 20-plus magazines.

Meanwhile, Peter Holsback, Director Digital Sales Services, Egmont, said the businesses that are making the most of data are those that are committing long-term and understand the need to use data over a sustained period.

“The reality of the day is to identify exactly what data is needed and what is valuable,” he said. “Gathering masses of data is the easy bit. Evaluating it and understanding it is not so easy and it takes time.”

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