[Webinar video] John Wilpers reveals key insights from the new Innovation in Media World Report

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Within the presentation, Willpers revealed key findings from the book, which provides annual benchmarking and advice around the latest media, tech, and industry culture trends.



Some key highlights from the webinar include:


13 proven business models to help your business thrive

One of the chapters in the Innovation in Media World Report focusses in on monetisation, identifying the requirements and risks involved in deploying specific revenue streams, as well as ranking each in terms of easy-to-identify metrics such as income potential, transaction costs, and so on. These business models include:

1. Subscriptions

2. Non-profit

3. Ecommerce

4. Events

5. Club

6. IT provider

7. Advertising

8. Agency

9. Data broker

10. Brand licensing

11. Investor

12. Nostalgia

13. Educator


Defensive marketing

“In this super-connected world, you can be doing everything right in terms of brand marketing, but a large part of your brand building (or destruction) is happening without any input from you,” says Wilpers.

He points out that there are now some five main companies like Glassdoor.com that currently publicly rank companies, your CEOs, interviewing techniques and – crucially – whether people would recommend your company to somebody they know. So in addition to traditional marketing and advertising campaigns, it is important to play the defensive marketing game too in terms of making yourself aware of such sites and such reviews, being proactive in responding, and of course giving yourself the best possible chance of receiving positive commentary in the first place, by employing best practice in all areas of your operation.


Human capital

One of the overriding themes from the webinar and indeed the book is the value that human capital holds within any successful business, media or otherwise. As John and Innovation Media Consulting co-editor Juan Señor note in their editors’ letter in this year’s World Report: “All of the great innovations in the world are pointless if we are not doing a fantastic job at hiring, training, motivating, retaining, recognising, and promoting talented, committed people. Very, very few of us are…”

The webinar was hugely well attended with more than 350+ participants signing up for the hourlong session, which included a Q&A. It and represents the second in a series of new webinars being hosted by FIPP, which will help keep the media world connected in the absence of real world events during this difficult period.

You can view the webinar live now here, download the slides here, and for those interested in purchasing a full copy of the Innovation in Media 2020-21 World Report, please visit:

– FIPP members: thy.ng/AUU30085  

– Non-members: thy.ng/AUU30101


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