Why are publishers investing in online learning?

What general trends are you seeing with online learning in the US and beyond? 

We are excited about a number of trends in online learning, particularly the growth of consumer learning, where media organisations and consumer brands are building engaging and profitable online learning businesses.  Here are some of the reasons why it’s a great time to consider adding a learning component to your business.

  • Technology has driven significant innovation in online learning, offering better experiences for learners, content creators and business owners
  • Cloud-based learning systems have drastically reduced the cost of delivering online learning experiences
  • The market has driven demand for better online learning experiences
  • The costs to staff and support online learning programs have fallen dramatically
  • New non-traditional organisations are entering the education space, bringing creative online learning to the mainstream

Why do you think that the education industry is perfect for online learning?

According to IBIS Capital Partners UK, the global online learning market currently stands at US$91bn and has been in steady growth for more then 20 years. When individuals learn online, they are empowered to do it on their own terms, anytime, anywhere in the world. Consumers can now learn from experts in an endless number of areas – from accountancy to cooking to fitness – and they can do it when it fits into their busy schedules. There is no doubt that year-over-year more and more individuals globally will opt to learn online.

Why do you think magazine brands specifically are great online learning platforms?

We are seeing a very strong demand among publishers and media organisations. For any sized publisher, online learning is a highly lucrative, growing market opportunity.

Publishers are very well positioned as:

1. They have a lot of rich content that can be easily transformed into learning products of all kinds

2. They have established marketing and distribution channels to promote and offer online learning

3 They have highly loyal audiences that trust them as credible sources for learning or how-to content

4. Editorial teams, authors, and contributors at publishing organisations are integral to building learning businesses

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