Why email advertising can still be effective for magazine publishers

Email Switchboard will feature on the FIPP London Start-up Tour, which will allow you to get up close and personal with the London media and digital scene and introduce you to leaders in the industry.

Commercial director, Suzanna Chaplin, took the time to speak to Danielle Ricketts about ESBConnect, detailing the benefits for magazine media companies, ahead of her appearance at FIPP’s London Start-up Tour this November. 

What aspiration is at the heart of ESBConnect?

Our aim is to put the trust back into email advertising and change the value perception of email.

Email as a customer acquisition channel has a chequered history. Research studies prove that it is a very effective channel but the industry is littered with suppliers who have often used data that is not opted-in and have adopted poor data hygiene practices. This has led to email inventory being oversold and under delivered. 

Our aspiration is to change this and set the standards for data quality and bring transparency back to the market. This will be done via a trading platform for email inventory, where advertisers can purchase custom email audiences and know the data they are sending to is clean, opted in and active, with all results reported in real time.  We believe by setting the standards in data and displaying the results, we can put the trust back into email advertising.

On top of this, we want to change the way people see email. People view email as being an old school communication tool, however email is seeing a new beginning.  Everyone using the internet needs an email address and it is becoming recognised as a universal identifier that can track consumers across devices and marketing channels. We hope to educate people on the value of email as an ID and the effectiveness of using a combination of email campaigns and other channels to help them acquire new customers.

Why would magazine media publishers benefit from using ESBConnect?

ESBConnect can provide magazine publishers with an alternative revenue stream, without requiring investment in extra resource. We can do this by monetising their email inventory through our automated marketplace platform.

Publishers can add their data to our marketplace and we will enhance the value of the data through the cleansing and profiling of the data. Once profiled and cleaned, advertiser’s buying via the platform will be able to send to the data based on cost per thousand email delivered model. ESBConnect will take care of all the sales process, as well as the campaign management and then pay the publisher on revenue share.

If a publisher did not want to release their data to us, then we can integrate with their sending ESP and still monetise the data through the marketplace. Or alternatively, if they have email data with meta data attached to it, such as postcode, salary, job title etc., we can append this information to our email database and pay them a revenue share for any campaigns which utilises the meta data.

What is the main advantage of ESBConnect for magazine media companies?

It’s a way to generate advertising revenue without requiring a sales force.

What makes ESBConnect stand out from other email marketing agencies?

Data hygiene is at the heart of everything we do and as a result we deliver open rates in line with first party senders. We have built a reputation for having quality data, which can deliver scale without impacting performance. As a team, we have worked together in email for nearly a decade and understand the complexities surrounding delivery, design and data. This means we can optimise campaign effectively, without charging brands a fortune to do so.

Why is it important for publishers to be engaged with consumer facing email advertising?

Email is the number one online daily activity for consumers and generates the highest ROI of any channel. To ignore email as an acquisition channel would be costly, as you can reach a huge audience for a fraction of the cost of other channels. What’s more, email provides huge branding opportunities because it requires the consumer to interact with your brand and offer, even if that is reading the brand name/subject line and choosing not to open the email but delete it. Therefore whether you are looking to monetise your own audience or looking to acquire new customers, email provides a cost-effective channel, which delivers a more informed customer. 

Why are you excited about appearing on the FIPP London Start-up tour?

Like email, the magazine media inventory is working hard to bring itself up to date and I believe by working together, we have a better chance. Magazine publishers often have the most engaged audience available and it would be exciting to help them monetise this.

The FIPP London Start-up Tour will take place on 16-18 November 2015. Other companies already confirmed on the Tour include:

Companies that will feature on the Tour include*:

Adavow – removes duplication from remarketing to consumers who have already converted

Adludio – delivers compelling, effective and memorable brand advertising that works across all connected devices

Adoreboard – social analytics business voted “Best tech start-up” by former Chairman of Intel. Working with leading advertisers to help measure and optimise audience sentiment

AppMojo – an ad-tech platform for optimising in-app advertising, helping publishers to maximise mobile ad revenues while preserving user experience. 

Enreach – technology that helps publishers turn audience data into profit. They provide solutions for advertising (targeting and reporting analytics) and editorial optimisation.

EmailSwitchBoard – behavioural data over-laid onto email 

Lancelot Media London – through RoundTable, we look to make data usable and actionable for marketeers, ultimately resulting in increased and improved results for both advertisers and publishers.

OnScroll – ad serving optimisation

Openr – content marketing to drive subscriptions

Outbrain – is a content recommendation platform whose content marketing module offers to help publishers increase web traffic by presenting them with relevant website links.

Sharethrough – publishers can manage their entire native ad strategy, from direct sale prospecting and execution to yield management and network optimisation.

Sliide – provides users with a personalised story feed on their Android phone, featuring news stories, other content and offers

TouchCast – is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web

Unruly – the first mobile video exchange to guarantee the viewability of premium video impressions bought via Real Time Bidding (RTB

Whichit – drives up sales by putting brands in front of a highly targeted audience in a playful choice selection app. 

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