Why now is the time for brands to go all-in on Pinterest

Yes, Facebook is a massive traffic driver. No argument there. Facebook also has over one billion users worldwide. And Pinterest? Just 70 million users to date, but growing quickly. To use startup terms, Pinterest is just starting to hit the “blade” on the “hockey stick” growth model. The site currently drives 7.1 per cent of Web traffic, second only to Facebook (21.3 per cent), and is miles ahead of other social sites, according to data from amplification platform Shareaholic. Investing in Pinterest now is a long-term play for growth.

Investment in evergreen content is imperative in this new media world, and Pinterest is the ideal platform to distribute this type of content. Think about Pinterest the way you think about search (don’t forget Pinterest has search!): Evergreen and high-quality content is the traffic gift that keeps on giving. Seasonal posts that do well year-over-year often have Pinterest as their strongest referral channel.

Source: Digiday

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