Yet another bump in Allrecipes’ rate base

Starting with an initial rate base of 500,000, Meredith just announced that the upcoming September/October 2015 issue will increase its rate base to 1.25m, totalling 150 per cent growth since its launch. 

This bump is certainly not reflective of the current industry norm, as the Alliance for Audited Media just released the first half Snapshot report stating a 2.2 per cent drop in magazine circulation. But, fellow epicurean titles such as EatingWell and Food Network Magazine did increase circulation, just not as steep as Allrecipes’. 

Allrecipes attributes its rapid growth to a highly engaged audience, which has furthered “support from advertisers and their top brands in key markets across the country,” says Allrecipes’ publisher, Steven Grune, in a statement. The September/October issue has secured some of these new advertisers, including Coca-Cola, Kraft and Mars, to name a few.

Grune’s outlook on the relevancy of magazines is very positive, claiming that the growth of Allrecipes’ digital-to-print brand extension speaks volumes “to the tremendous value and passionate connection consumers still have with magazines.” That’s up for debate, though, depending where the magazine brand lies on the latest newsstand stumble. 

Source: MinOnline

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