Media Unscripted Podcast: Episode 6 – Frederic Kachar, Grupo Globo

Media Unscripted Podcast: Episode 6 – Frederic Kachar, Grupo Globo

The latest episode of FIPP’s Media Unscripted podcast, in partnership with PressReader, is now available on general release. In the sixth episode of the season, we hear from Fredric Kachar, Managing Director of Print Media and Radio at Rio de Janeiro-based Grupo Globe – the biggest mass media group in Latin America.

Kachar tells host Charlotte Ricca about his rise through the company, and how Grupo Globo turned itself around amidst a financial crisis, reaping the rewards of being a fully fledged digital media company by 2019 thanks to a transformation process partly spearheaded by him many years before.

Kachar also gives some background on the media landscape in Brazil, including the state of play for print, and why the subscriptions landscape is different to that in richer countries with more highly educated populations. He tells Ricca about the role of Big Tech in spreading fake news and violent crime in Brazil in an election year – and why such companies must be considered publishers, not platforms.

You can listen below, or on your favourite podcast platform.

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