Paywall pain points in the post-cookie media landscape

Paywall pain points in the post-cookie media landscape

As the publishing world (and beyond) increasingly looks beyond the cookie, the latest FIPP Insider webinar examines paywall pain points and how to overcome them. Hosted by FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, with insights from Alan Hunter – Co-Founder, HBM Advisory, Ana Lobb – VP Publishing, MPP, and Mark Whistler – Head of Product Marketing & Enablement, Zephr… the webinar is FREE to view here.

Paywalls, content subscriptions, pay-for news – these are all buzzwords that have defined the shift in revenue focus for digital media since The New York Times gated the majority of its articles in 2011. 

A decade later – and with the phaseout of third-party cookies seemingly endlessly looming on the horizon, the shift towards reader generated revenue is more important than ever before. 

Here we look at the latest developments in media paywalls, taking a detailed yet pragmatic approach to the current options – and applications – available to publishers today, covering topics such as: 

  • How to choose the right paywall for your business
  • Build vs Buy: deciding on the best way to implement
  • How to find a good paywall provider
  • Why pay-for news is more than just a tech purchase
  • What the paywall MVP looks like
  • How to use data to inform your paywall strategies

So whether you’re just setting out on your digital subscriptions journey, or simply looking to overcome the inevitable pain points of transition, find out the latest key insights from across the paid revenue sector!

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