FIPP Insider New York

FIPP Insider New York

Following Prague, Budapest, Johannesburg, and Cape Town – we are closing off our year of Insider events in New York, joined by our friends and partners PressReader.

If you were around for the 2022 event, you will also be familiar with our partner MACMA. Our joint events last year proved to be a perfect mix of knowledge sharing, networking, and celebrating the successes of the year – so much so that we are doing it again!


We are thrilled to invite you to join us at Hearst headquarters, home to many of the organisation’s publications and communications companies.

Address: Hearst Tower; 300 W 57th St, New York; NY 10019, USA


Thursday, 30th November 2023; 9.00 am – 12 pm

How do I get on the list?

For those who wish to ONLY attend the FIPP Insider Event, there is a charge of $30 for FIPP Members and $50 for non-members at the time of booking. You will be able to pay through the registration form below.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel for any reason we offer a full refund up until the 2nd of November. After this time, we’d be delighted to welcome one of your colleagues in your place.

Strategic Partner

If you’d like to attend both events, you will need to register through the MACMA website. Once you purchase your Holiday Extravaganza ticket, your FIPP Insider ticket is complimentary. The price for MACMA Members is $225 and for non-members, it will be $300.

Event Theme

From Audience to Community

In today’s data-driven media landscape, what can publishers do to reconnect with their readers? What happens when publishers shift focus from audience-based models to metrics centered around the community? Our speakers will discuss their different approaches – from championing the local community to the rise of first-party data to bringing their readers together, and more.

FIPP Insider Speakers

Käthe Lemon, President and Co-Owner of RedPoint Media Group

Käthe Lemon is the president and co-owner of RedPoint Media Group, Calgary’s leading locally-owned media firm. In New York, Käthe will be focusing on “Championing community – how place and publishing transform in parallel“.

Cities are changing dramatically as a result of technological changes and the pandemic — far more people work from home and this is unlikely to change. Because of this, cities are changing from being a place primarily of business, where you need to go to sell or buy goods and services, to destinations of choice for social, cultural, and talent diversity. City and regional magazines need to keep up with this change as well as champion their cities, support increased diversity, and welcome new residents. While the shift of magazines from being information sources for audiences to champions for communities may be seen most clearly for city and regional publishers, they are certainly not alone in this need to change perspectives on their work.

Vincent Errico – President, Digital at Trusted Media Brands

Vince Errico is responsible for the company’s digital transformation strategy and execution. In addition, he is actively involved in the company’s M&A initiatives. He is a global executive with a successful history of digital strategy and management experience.

At the New York Insider, he will be leading on the topic of The virtuous circle of community-led publishing

Community-led publishing has an influence and impact far beyond the printed page – the positivity, impact on local communities, and bringing together diverse opinions and backgrounds over a shared interest is a force to be reckoned with. Vince will discuss how Trusted Media Brands’ celebration of its readers, transforming them from readers to actively involved community members, has made its brands a hub of connection, education, and joy, which ultimately drives revenue and profitability.

Dr Joetta Gobell – Senior Vice President of Research & Insights, Dotdash Meredith

Joetta leads a team of researchers who derive insights from first-party data to understand audiences and inform advertising partnerships; execute large-scale primary research projects to inform product, editorial, and brand initiatives, and serve as thought leadership with advertising partners.

At FIPP Insider New York, we’ll hear from Joetta on the topic “From one moment to the next – adapting to the changing needs of your audience

At Dotdash Meredith our mission is to help people: we create expert-written content that helps answer questions, inspire, and motivate action across all areas of life, including health, finance, travel, home, and more. Join Dr. Gobell as she explains her belief that, really, we’re all beautiful weirdos, and how that informs DDM’s strategy around meeting all consumers in their moments of need, instead of relying on stereotypes and demographic generalizations. This talk will address the challenges facing digital publishers in providing personalization at scale, and how we can look at content consumption patterns to reach the audiences at the right time, in a more helpful, authentic way than ever. 

Trevor Carroll – Vice President, Content Partnerships at PressReader

Trevor worked across multiple industries in the UK and Ireland for the likes of News Corp, Trinity Mirror, and Dublin Airport Authority before joining PressReader in 2016. Over the last 7 years, he has brokered deals with some of the largest media companies worldwide including Conde Nast, Hearst, Dotdash Meredith, Dow Jones, The Washington Post, Axel Springer, and Gannett. He also leads PressReader’s Content Group in connecting content creators with a global network of business partners.

In New York, he will be speaking on the topic of ‘Community through Partnership’. We’ll find out how PressReader transitioned from focusing on the statistics of reach to building meaningful partnerships across aviation, hospitality, libraries and education. For the latter, libraries provide a vital service to the community, connecting readers with trusted media sources. Through Media Literacy campaigns, PressReader has been able to work with librarians and schools to combat disinformation and the threat posed by new technologies to democracy and human rights.

Brian Madden – Senior Vice President & General Manager, Enthusiast and Wellness Group, Hearst Magazines

Brian Madden is the Senior Vice President & General Manager, Enthusiast and Wellness Group at Hearst Magazines, the world’s largest lifestyle publisher. He oversees consumer revenue streams, including consumer products, commerce, strategic partnerships, and subscriptions, and manages all consumer marketing functions. Madden is also responsible for the editorial and business operations of Hearst’s enthusiast brands.

At the New York Insider, Brian will be talking about Belonging and community – embracing the shift to audience alignment:
What is community, how does it work, and what does it mean for magazine publishers to drive a sense of belonging in their readers? Hearst’s experimentation with memberships has given them greater brand authority and taught them plenty about community along the way. Brian will present their work with three of their titles, and discuss how brave decisions over advertising and content have broadened their titles’ appeal, not only to readers, but to clients too.

James Hewes – President & CEO FIPP Ltd

Having held various positions in his 12-year stint at the BBC, James Hewes was part of the team that sold the business to private equity in November 2011. He was then Publishing Director for Top Gear, Good Food, Easy Cook, and Lonely Planet Magazine and a Director of BBC Haymarket Exhibitions.
He spent five years in Dubai, running Gulf News Publishing, and responsible for more than 30 product areas. He launched the group’s first consumer brand in Arabic – wheels Arabic.
Appointed President & CEO of FIPP in September 2017, he joined from The Art Newspaper, having been Interim CEO since December 2016.

He is also a member of the Advisory Board at Dojoko, an education-focused start-up and a member of Oxford Brookes University’s Journalism Advisory Board.

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