7 ways to leverage first-party data for post-cookie success

A new report from subscription experience platform Zephr highlights the seven best ways that publishers can leverage their first-party data, as we move further towards the post-cookie world. Analysing key areas such as data capture optimisation, testing, and personalisation, the study also provides tips on practical implementation at each stage of the process. 

Now more than ever, building a robust first-party data strategy is crucial to success, and many publishers are working to develop better audience insights from such means. To provide a tangible starting point, the report identifies – and expands upon – seven key actions:

  1. Optimise your data capture
  2. Make it easy (and valuable) to share data
  3. Employ cross-device tracking
  4. Use progressive profiling
  5. Test & refine
  6. Personalise every stage of the subscriber journey
  7. Get creative! 

‘Personalisation is paramount,’ says the study, ‘and consumers have become increasingly wary of unconsented data collection. Digital publishers who gather their own data openly and are transparent about how they use it will not only put customers at ease, they’ll also gain a competitive advantage too. Now more than ever, building a robust first-party data strategy is crucial to success.’

There’s also consideration within the report of three important factors that play into a reader’s decision to share their information with your brand: 


Customers are extremely wary of receiving unwanted marketing messages and being talked at when they’re not interested in receiving communications. To help encourage new readers to share their information, transparency and integrity are key.


Digital publishers have to think about data collection in terms of value exchange. You must give readers a reason to want to sign up, and the value they perceive needs to match the value of sharing their personal information.


Since any inconvenience can cause a barrier for a reader to share information and decrease your chances of receiving their data, consider how you can make it as easy as possible for someone to fill out a form. Only collecting essential information is crucial, but some digital publishers also consider easy-to-use form options such as social login.

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