Adobe DPS goes public

The new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which has been available in beta for customers for the past few months, is now officially available. 

It is the next generation for Adobe, focused on creating new ways for marketers and designers to create and publish engaging mobile app experiences, without using code. 

It can be purchased standalone, as an add-on component for Creative Cloud enterprise or as part of Adobe Experience Manager Apps. 

Nick Bogaty, senior director and head of digital publishing at Adobe, says: “The new Adobe DPS makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver beautiful, compelling mobile apps – the kind of apps that stand out from the competition and move brands forward. Now, the creation of mobile apps can be entrusted to marketers and designers, the people who know their brand the best.”

New Features include:

  • Continuous publishing: new capabilities to push fresh content live. 
  • New Collections feature: content is grouped together and delivered to smartphones and tablets on iOS, Android and Windows. 
  • All app services offered: push notifications, in-app messaging, intuitive search, content discovery and social network integration.
  • Measuring and delivering ROI: built in analytics powered by Adobe Analytics including capture online and offline data, and deliver retention analysis, acquisition tracking, funnel conversion. Adobe DPS supports a variety of payment options for apps, such as single purchases, subscriptions and all-access models for publishers and enterprises who want to monetise content.

CEO of JWT/Mirum Miami says “DPS is the perfect way to quickly and cost effectively create visually impactful apps that solve business challenges for our clients”

Visit here for the full list of features of Adobe DPS. 

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