Behind the scenes: New Zephr report lifts the curtain on successful first-party data strategies

A new report from subscription management platform Zephr provides a practical guide on how to successfully leverage first-party data. Featuring direct case studies from Zephr clients, as well as an analysis of wider industry practices and trends, the FREE publication focusses on how publishers can be at the forefront of the digital shift away from cookies.

‘According to a Winterberry group whitepaper,’ begins the report, ‘90% of executive-level professionals, including marketers and publishers, say that audience data has driven at least “some” value in supporting unique competitive advantage for their organisation, with 32% adding that it has driven “substantial” competitive advantage.’

‘Stats like that make it clear that leveraging data in the right way has the power to create breakaway results. So if that’s the case, how can businesses ensure their data is driving substantial competitive distinction?’

Drawing from a diverse range of client case studies, the study examines four key ways in which data has been successfully utilised by digital publishers to accelerate growth and help futureproof their businesses:   

  • Find out how Raconteur used actionable data to drive engagement and increase newsletter subscribers from 6,000 to 34,000 members.
  • Learn how Highland News & Media built a sustainable and viable digital business model that would future proof their business. 
  • Go behind the scenes with Leaddev and discover how they used data captured from events to drive subscription growth
  • Discover how SCI were able to use data to create the right packages for their customer base.

The guide also highlights some of the more universal pragmatic steps needed to leverage audience data in the modern media age, from creating a viable value exchange, to cleaning and integrating data sets, applying machine learning, and beyond. You can find out more and download the report in full here


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