VIDEO: Blippar – bridging the gap between physical and digital

These are the words of Stephen Shaw, Visual Publications Product Manager for Blippar, who at FIPP’s World Congress last month, gave a demonstration of this augmented reality.

“For FIPP Toronto this year, we’ve been delighted to be invited once again to work on ‘blipping’ the Magazine World special congress edition,” said Shaw. “Delegates can download the Blippar app and interact with the Magazine World congress edition itself. This generates digital content, gives access to the social strands, and actually the covers of the lanyards are also blippable so you can immediately access the content programme.” 

Blippar has now enabled the Top 500 UK magazines to be visually discoverable through the app, enabling readers to scan the front covers of publications and discover digital content through their phones. You can download the Blippar app for free in App Store and Google Play, and give blipping a go for yourself from print to digital. 

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