Business Insider publishes on social sites with new ‘Insider’ project

Online publishers are increasingly experimenting with “distributed” publishing models, whereby they post content directly to social sites, messaging apps and other platforms instead of driving users back to their own websites or apps.

Business Insider is the latest company to experiment with the approach, with a new project and brand it’s calling “Insider.”

An Insider Facebook account features video content published direct to the social network, and entire text-based articles posted as status updates, complete with images.

The Insider Twitter account, meanwhile, has almost exclusively featured video content so far, such as this short video on which colleges have the most “dateable” students.

An Insider Website is slated to launched next year, according to Business Insider President, Julie Hansen, and will be run by long-term BI writer and editor Nicholas Carlson. In terms of the site’s focus and coverage areas, the social media launch is intended to help figure that out.

“Were launching on social to begin with because it’s a great way to iterate and find the voice of a brand. The feedback loop is so immediate,” Ms. Hansen said.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Insider is also publishing on Instagram and Tumblr, and is in talks with other platforms.

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Source: WSJ Blogs

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